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The Best Job on Campus is at Base Camp

Posted by Guest Staff Blogger on Jan 16, 2018

Often when I first meet parents either on campus or in the community, their first question is, “What do you do for MU?” The reply for me is easy, “I have the best job on campus!” Describing that job is a bit more complicated, because between the wide array of services offered in the Student Success Center (SSC), and the diversity of our work, it is hard to recap in just a sentence or two.

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Eleven College Concerns Addressed by Misericordia Admissions Counselors

Posted by Guest Staff Blogger on Dec 7, 2017

Going to college may seem like an overwhelming and even intimidating experience. There are so many unknowns that can potentially make for an uneasy transition. With the exception of maybe a few brief visits to campus and the student orientation, it is a completely new environment and culture to learn as you are basically starting over. While this is a great opportunity to become anything that you want, there are also the fears and insecurities of what can go wrong. You know that mom and dad aren't going to be there to ask the questions on your behalf and help you navigate the difficult decisions. For possibly the first time, your future is in your hands. This is why we want to set your mind at ease and share our experience with you by addressing eleven of the most common concerns of incoming first-year college students.

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COM Major’s Luck Led to Vegas

Posted by Guest Staff Blogger on Jun 1, 2016

Misericordia University Communications Department senior, Erin Dougherty, proves that not everything stays in Vegas. She brought home an important resume entry and portfolio material from her surprise gig as a production assistant on the Spike TV reality show “Bar Rescue.” The show features Jon Taffer, a food & beverage industry consultant who helps turn around failing bars in danger of closing.


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Misericordia is Still Growing After 90+ Years

Posted by Guest Staff Blogger on May 10, 2016

With age, comes wisdom. At times, it is even accompanied by expansion and growth. Misericordia University similarly continues to grow even after 90+ years, adding to our already robust set of program offerings.

In Fall, 2017, Misericordia will be introducing three innovative new programs: Bachelor of Health Science in Patient Navigator (also a certificate); entry level Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography; and Bachelor of Science in Medical & Health Humanities.  Each new program adds tremendous value to Misericordia's academic profile, the student experience, and to the surrounding communities.

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All are Welcome at Misericordia University this Summer!

Posted by Guest Staff Blogger on May 3, 2016

Although the spring semester may be winding down at Misericordia University, learning continues throughout the summer. In addition to the credit/non-credit summer courses and various camps, the university also sponsors a number of conferences which are near and dear to us in the Center for Adult and Continuing Education.

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Getting the most out of online discussion boards

Posted by Guest Staff Blogger on Mar 31, 2016

Before we know it, the summer semester will be here and with it the opportunity for students at Misericordia to take summer courses online. Naturally, those taking an online course for the first time have questions. In the Center for Adult and Continuing Education, the question most often asked – “Is an online class anything like a traditional class?”


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Adult students find support through Center for Adult and Continuing Education

Posted by Guest Staff Blogger on Jan 19, 2016

The thought of starting college can be intimidating, even a bit frightening. There are concerns about meeting academic challenges and demands, managing time and workloads, fitting in, making friends, and handling the stress that comes with it all.


Adult learners, like traditional students, share many of these same concerns. However, they also need to consider how they will pay for college while supporting a family, balance the demands of work and school, and still make time for their families.

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Celebrating a season of giving

Posted by Guest Staff Blogger on Dec 15, 2015

The kindness and generosity of our adult learners at Misericordia never ceases to amaze my colleagues and me in the Center for Adult and Continuing Education. At a time of the year when people are at their busiest, members of Misericordia University’s Adult Student Council still find the time to help others.

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Fearing Finals Week? There's help.

Posted by Guest Staff Blogger on Dec 10, 2015

Feeling stressed the week before finals? Between therapy dog kisses and free pizza at Alumni Pie, the library staff are here to offer the support you need to successfully navigate this hectic time of year.

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'All are welcome' at the Adult Student Council

Posted by Guest Staff Blogger on Oct 22, 2015

When a group of adult students at Misericordia University expressed a desire to have a voice on campus and become more involved in the campus community, they did what motivated individuals with a common goal do – they got organized! The result was the formation of the University’s first adult learner organization – the Misericordia University Adult Student Council.

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