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Choosing a college: in retrospect

Posted by Guest Alumni Blogger on Oct 28, 2015

I cannot believe that it is almost five years since I graduated from Misericordia. It seems like yesterday I was on my east coast college hunt for the best communications program. I searched high and low – ultimately, I found the best program was waiting for me in my own backyard. I had attended Misericordia’s Communications Camp and was instantly sold. I fell in love with the small university nestled in the heart of the back mountain. Small class sizes, the liberal arts background, the diversified communications coursework and state-of-the-art facilities – what more could a young perspective communications student want?


In the fall of 2007, I began my tenure at Misericordia. My freshman year was almost like that of most freshmen. I had my core curriculum – Biology, Math, English, and History – but I also got to start my course work for my major right away. Most of the other schools I had looked at wouldn’t even expose their students to their major courses until their sophomore or junior year. As a freshman, I joined The Highlander and started writing articles. Thus began my love affair with the student newspaper. My sophomore year I hit the pavement and sold advertisement space as the newspaper’s business manager. My junior year I spent many a Thursday night (some into the wee hours of Friday morning) designing the newspaper layout as the print editor. My senior year I was “The Big Kahuna” and served as the publications Editor-in-Chief. Then – I graduated.

I know you’re probably thinking, “Which newspaper does this girl work for?” Well, that is not how this story ends. Unless you are frequently ordering dental supplies – you’ve probably never seen my work. Don’t be alarmed; I have not thrown my communications degree and my background out the proverbial window. I use my communications degree every single day. I’m currently serving as the Online Customer Experience Product Manager for the third largest dental supplier in the country. If you have ever met me, you will know that this is a very long title for a short businesswoman. Basically, I’m the behind-the-scenes guru of our ecommerce venture. I actually like that title better – I should pitch that at my next review. I am the person behind-the-scenes that’s reviewing our website to make sure everything that is presented to the world is clear, concise, and user friendly.

My career is as multifaceted as my communications curriculum was at Misericordia. I’m using my editing skills to ensure all content has a consistent voice and is accurate. I’m using my graphic design skills to design mockups of our website and edit photos for the web. I’m using my public speaking skills to pitch my ideas to the strategic team. I’m using my leadership skills to make sure my team achieves its goals.

Although I may not be physically on campus anymore – I still carry with me the skill set my communications background has provided me. I will cherish my MU memories for a lifetime and have Misericordia to thank for helping me achieve my goals and have a career.

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jamieson_amanda.pngAbout the author: Amanda Jamieson ’11 is a graduate of the Communications Program and a former Editor-in-Chief of The Highlander. She is currently employed at Benco Dental as the Online Customer Experience Product Manager. 



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