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Family Weekend is Here!

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Sep 11, 2015

It's finally Family Weekend!

I know my parents and brother are happy that I’ve been out of their hair for a few weeks since summer ended, but I’m so excited for them to visit during Family Weekend. At first they felt weird about being on campus because they thought they’d stick out like sore thumbs, but I assured them that there would be dozens of families on campus enjoying time with their students with the fun events planned.


When my family told me they wanted to find a hotel nearby, I suggested they check out the discounted hotel and restaurant list provided by Student Activities. I figured this would leave us with some extra money to spend on winning prizes at Casino Night on Saturday. 

Since I’m the expert on campus, my family asked me what’s planned for the weekend. I told them there’s a comedian in the Cougar’s Den on Friday, Sept. 11 at 7:00 p.m., so we plan to kick off our time together by getting our laugh on. Immediately after the comedy show, at 8:00 p.m., is a team trivia game for 4-8 people per team. There's cash prizes, so I told them we simply must stay for that and it's in the perfect location since we can just order food between questions if we get hungry from the Den!


I told them that after we win trivia we should wake up on Saturday morning, put on our sneakers, and head to the track. Initially they laughed at this idea, but when I told them we have a rock-climbing wall and zip line on campus, they hardly believed me! I figure I’ll let my brother pick a time to go between 9:30 and 11:15 a.m. when the Challenge Course is open since he’s the guest.


After our outdoor adventures, I thought it would be great to check out the tailgating scene for the first home football game of the season. It starts at 1:00 p.m. at Mangelsdorf field, but people love hanging out in Cougar Village for grilling and games beforehand. If we’re feeling adventurous we can check out the other athletic events hosted on campus on Saturday, which include volleyball, field hockey, cross country, and men’s soccer.


I’m already excited to go to Metz Dining Hall on Saturday evening for Casino Night! I told my family that even though it starts at 8:00 p.m. we should probably get there early to get a good table. I heard there were a ton of cool prizes to win after you cash in your chips, and I’m definitely getting one of them! It’s always so fun to watch my friends’ parents teach them how to play card games while their little siblings and cousins hang around and have fun dancing to the dueling pianos.


Sunday seems so far away since there’s so much going on before then, but I’m happy that family brunch starts at 11:00 a.m. so I can just sit back, enjoy a meal with my family, and reflect on our fun weekend. After brunch I can’t wait to get off campus for a little while to go to the Luzerne County Fair, which is about a five minute drive from campus. What’s even cooler is that we can get a discount on our admission to the Fair with the coupon listed on Seriously, our school thinks of everything.

I can’t believe Family Weekend is already here. I’m so excited to tell my family about the start of my school year and all of the crazy new friends I’ve met, memories I’ve made, and, of course, how much I’ve been studying. Bring on the hugs, smiles, and laughs--this is going to be a memorable weekend for sure.

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tori_dAbout the author: Tori Dziedziak '16 is a Psychology major and student orientation leader from Shenandoah, PA. 

Topics: Student Life

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