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From Summer Intern to Budding Marketing Professional

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Aug 1, 2017

As my time as an intern at Misericordia University is coming to a close I think it is only right to put my thoughts into writing so that others can possibly take something positive away from it, and maybe it will influence them to obtain the same internship or any internship at Misericordia. So this blog will involve what I did here at Misericordia and a look at my thoughts along the way…

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At the beginning, I was a little nervous to start my internship here, as anyone is with a new job. I didn’t know my bosses, Amy Bachman and Dave Pasquini, didn’t know what exactly I was going to be asked to do, and ultimately didn’t know how I’d perform in my new role as a marketing intern. After all, this was my first true marketing experience, so I was brand new to everything and anything marketing. From the start, I was eased into working here, which was what I needed. Amy and Dave made it very clear that if I ever needed anything that they were always available, and when my first projects started rolling in, I was tempted to ask a question about every single little detail. However, every time I asked, they showed me that they were confident in my ability to do the work, and that I didn’t need to ask about everything. This alone gave me a huge boost in confidence that I lacked coming into the position. I started by proofing marketing pieces, which gave me a great understanding of what language they used in their work. I then started doing minor research and before I knew it I was playing a part in creating marketing pieces that I did not know I was going to do. I think that’s when I really felt settled in here at Misericordia: the moment when I had a substantial role in creating something that the public was going to see.

From there my time here flew by and I grew tremendously as a professional. My confidence continued to bloom and the confidence that Amy and Dave had in me increased as well. They started trusting me with more and more tasks and I started to have a substantial role in the research. Amy had me start helping her in her research that was needed for a new strategic enrollment marketing plan that the University was creating. After my first couple reports that summed up the information that I found I actually got to author my own little sections for the strategic plan itself. This especially made my experience unique. I don’t think there are many students my age that can say that they authored pieces to be put into a strategic enrollment marketing plan that will be carried out by the University for years to come. I then got to see how the meetings worked with the different departments working on the plan, and I got the chance to work hand in hand with them. Working on the strategic enrollment marketing plan was an amazing experience and something I am going to have in my mind for the rest of my life.

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Overall, my internship here at Misericordia opened my eyes to marketing and everything it encompasses. After coming in as someone who knew almost nothing about the profession, I can now say that I have a great understanding of it. I can also say that I have a great amount of confidence in myself that I know will benefit me greatly going forward in my professional career. I also got to make two great connections in Amy and Dave, as they are two people that I know I will be in touch with for years to come. Even more importantly than that, they became my friends and I really enjoyed coming into work because of that. I don’t know where I’d be if I never had the experience here that I was so lucky to have. But I do know that because of it my professional future has become much brighter, and it has given me the confidence to know that I can do great things in the future. And I only have Misericordia to thank for that.

~ Eddie Thomas is a rising senior and Marketing major at Robert Morris University. Eddie served as a summer intern in the Marketing Department at Misericordia University during the summers of 2016 and 2017, working on specialized projects and research to support marketing initiatives.

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