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Posted by Guest Student Blogger on May 5, 2016

Four years ago, my parents and I drove through the Misericordia University arch as I sat in the back of the car surrounded by way too many clothes and pairs of shoes. Needless to say, I should’ve listened to my brother, Trevor, when he told me that I overpacked. Trevor was returning for his sophomore year at Misericordia. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I felt excited, scared, nervous, eager, and homesick all at once. It was a brand new, thrilling chapter that I was beginning in my life, and I had no idea what to expect. After I unpacked all my personal belongings into my dorm room in McHale Hall, my parents left, I wiped away my tears, pulled myself together, and began my journey at MU as a freshman in the Medical Imaging program.


Ashley_Service_Learning.jpgWhen my brother previously told me that he decided to attend Misericordia University before starting his freshman year, I asked him “Mis-what?” After visiting him, I discovered Misericordia offered a major called Medical Imaging. I knew it would be perfect for me because I like anatomy, patient care, and always wanted to work within the healthcare field. Medical Imaging is something that I love and am very passionate about. I remember my first day of clinic when I was beyond nervous. I had practiced procedural positioning on my fellow classmates in our lab on campus, but the pressure to use critical thinking skills for each patient and provide care to a real patient in the hospital intimated me. Eventually, everything that I learned in the classroom began to “click”. In our clinical experience, we rotated through two different hospitals, various outpatient centers, and different specializations within Radiology. Beginning my senior year, I chose an internship within the Cardiac Catheterization lab. When I first started, I was intimidated because it was new, and it felt like I was starting from ground zero all over. Each day, I learned the equipment, procedures, and became more confident, exceeding my own expectations. Now, as graduation approaches, I feel very knowledgeable and comfortable in the Cardiac Catheterization lab.


Thankfully, during my four years in the Medical Imaging program, I had the support and encouragement from my professors and classmates that helped me to grow and succeed. This program has taught me how to be a caring professional in the healthcare field, and I am excited to apply what I have learned and begin my career as a Radiologic Technologist after graduation.

People told me these four years at college would fly by, and they were right; however, as the long, stressful days and nights of studying and writing lab reports carried on and on, there were times that I found it hard to believe them. Even though the journey was rough at times, I will miss having my best friends around 24/7, people holding doors for each other (MU’s classic trademark), going to my brother’s lacrosse games, dancing at basketball games, going to Hillside Farms for ice cream after a big exam, daily Dunkin Donuts runs, pushing through summer clinic days with my classmates, my professors who pushed me to succeed, and much more. As I look back, I can’t believe how fast it went. More importantly, I can’t believe how much I have grown and matured into who I am today - a positive, loving, bright, and brave person.


Attending Misericordia University and pursing Medical Imaging was one of the best decisions that I’ve made. As graduation approaches, I am proud of my accomplishments and grateful for the opportunities that I’ve experienced here. My biological and Misericordia families both helped me each step of the way. To say “thank you” to my parents, brothers, grandparents, family, friends, professors, and Misericordia for making me feel at home these past four years will never be enough. Home is where the heart is, and I will always call you home, MU. #ForeverMisericordiaProud

About the Author:  Ashley Bodnar '16 is a current Medical Imaging senior at Misericordia University

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