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Keeping It Simple at Misericordia

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Sep 18, 2017

Throughout the last two years of high school, juniors and seniors are often wondering what college will be like, and even more often they are told to “get involved”. But what does that mean? Sure, they can join numerous clubs, play a sport, volunteer, and even find a job on campus- but why Getting involved seems easy enough, but what club do you join? How do you find out about the clubs? What sport do you play? If you don’t play a sport, how do you stay involved in athletics? Where do you volunteer and how do you start? How do you prepare for a job and get one after college? All of these questions are important, and at Misericordia University, the answers are pretty simple.

DanielleTaitMUcampus.jpgAs a freshman here at Misericordia University, I was immersed in endless possibilities. I knew I wasn’t going to play collegiate sports, but I was shown that watching the games brings the sense of camaraderie that college is all about. Within the first week there was a club fair with countless clubs ready to share their passions with me. There was a club for every major and interest, and if by some chance there wasn’t, there were opportunities to create a new one! It was hard not to sign up for every club because so many of them were for such good causes, like Habitat for Humanity or Relay for Life. I found SNAP, which is a nursing major club, and not only are they helpful in bringing together first-year through senior nursing majors, they also volunteer and teach you along the way.

During my first year here, I was enrolled in a 10-week First Year Experience (FYE) class. It is designed to allow freshman to ask questions and get familiar with Misericordia University and its advantages against other colleges. I was introduced to the Insalaco Center for Career Development and the Guaranteed Placement Program (GPP). These programs help build resumes and interview skills to obtain jobs after college, and the GPP, with one or two workshops a year, guarantees finding you a paid internship in your field if you are not employed or in graduate school within 6 months after graduation.

Out of all the schools I was looking at as a senior, Misericordia University was the only college to offer such a program! This quaint campus has become home for so many people, including myself, because it is so easy to get involved here. Each faculty and staff member here care about seeing you as an individual do well and grow as a person. The Charisms (Mercy, Service, Justice, and Hospitality), are here to inspire you to embrace each one and to do something great. Just like getting involved- doing great things is easy and nowhere near impossible to do here.

DanielleTait_lr.jpg~ Danielle Tait is a Sophomore Nursing Major who is involved as a Tutor, Student Assistant to Student Assessment Scholars, and SNAP Member. She is interested in discovering and trying new things/places, petting the animals at rescue shelters, cooking/baking, tattoos, music, and reading

See for yourself how easy it is to get involved at Misericordia and to do something great. Go to

Experience Misericordia in person by scheduling a personal visit or by coming to an Open House. Find yourself achieving more then you thought was possible.


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