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Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Apr 11, 2018

The Speech-Language Pathology program at Misericordia is one of the finest in the nation. It’s fast-track 5-year program is perfect for the student looking to get out into the field as soon as possible. The program also takes the stress out of applying for graduate school. Classes start almost right away, so you don’t have to worry about finishing your core classes before you actually start your major. The classwork can get overwhelming, but if you take a step back to breathe and stay on top of your work, you’ll do just fine.

Passan HallAs intimidating as it seems, as long as you’re dedicated, it’s not hard to get into the program. Preference is given to students who graduated in the top 1/3 of their class or had a minimum 3.0 GPA. Once you’re accepted into the undergrad program, as long as you maintain a 3.5 GPA throughout your schooling, you’ll be automatically accepted into the graduate program. During your time as a student, you’ll be able to learn the ropes and eventually build up to having a client of your own right on campus.

And yes, you do need to hand in a short essay along with your application. It’s not as bad as everyone makes it sound.

SLP technology

Each year, the amount of speech classes I have increases. Fall semester freshman year, I only had one class related to my major. Now, at the end of my sophomore year, I have three speech classes and three cores. Some schools won’t start letting students take speech classes until they are in their junior year, which is one of the reasons why I chose Misericordia in the first place. I was able to start as soon as possible in what I actually wanted to be doing instead of waiting to complete my cores before actually working on my major. As expected, as I move on, the classes have become more of a challenge, which is exciting.


I’m not going to lie, managing all of my speech and core classes on top of having a job and playing field hockey has been difficult. Just remember that there is no shame in asking for help. Misericordia has a wonderful learning center that can give you a tutor for classes that you’re struggling in. Even though you might hear it everywhere, time management really is everything. Staying organized and on top of your work always helps decrease stress. Make time for studying; I suggest going to the library. Personally, I time-managementfind it distracting to study at home so I book a study room at the library for a couple hours every week. Studying in small increments every day will help you learn the material more easily than if you were to cram the night before. In speech, everything is always building off of what you just previously learned, so you really need to understand the material in order to succeed.

When I was first looking at schools, there were only a handful that were in the state that had my major. Narrowing it down to Misericordia was one of the easiest decisions I ever had to made. Not only is the school itself well equipped to my needs as a student but the speech program itself has been amazing. Taking classes involved with your major the first year instead of taking cores for two years straight has made school seem easier. I’m more invested in my classes since they revolve around what I want to be doing after I graduate.

  • Rachel Miroslaw '21, Speech-Language Pathology.  Rachel is from Tunkhannock, PA, plays field hockey, and enjoys reading and writing

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