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Misericordia is Still Growing After 90+ Years

Posted by Guest Staff Blogger on May 10, 2016

With age, comes wisdom. At times, it is even accompanied by expansion and growth. Misericordia University similarly continues to grow even after 90+ years, adding to our already robust set of program offerings.

In Fall, 2017, Misericordia will be introducing three innovative new programs: Bachelor of Health Science in Patient Navigator (also a certificate); entry level Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography; and Bachelor of Science in Medical & Health Humanities.  Each new program adds tremendous value to Misericordia's academic profile, the student experience, and to the surrounding communities.


In all cases, Misericordia is responding to the growing trends in the job market and professional community to meet the needs of our soon-to-be students. These new programs showcase our strengths both academically and philosophically as they embody our charisms at their very core. We can also proudly boast that these programs respond to the healthcare needs in the surrounding communities as the healthcare system adapts to new policies and demands placed upon them such as the Affordable Care Act which makes the provider accountable for reporting outcomes to secure critical funding.

Not only will Misericordia alum be more marketable and desired by employers, they will be prepared for life through the integration of various disciplines along with our liberal arts core curriculum. For example, the new Medical and Health Humanities major is a multi- and inter-disciplinary program that blends the humanities and the sciences. It is a holistic approach to examining health issues, seeking deeper, possibly spiritual/ethical causes to what influences may be impacting health. This program prepares students for a wide range of careers and advanced education options including medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, medical anthropology, physical therapy, health care ethics, public health, public policy, health care administration, health education, patient care coordination, health care lobbying, pharmaceutical sales representative, medical history, and more.


The new Bachelor of Health Science in Patient Navigator and entry-level Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography programs are two additional and exceptional examples of Misericordia getting creative and drawing upon its diverse strengths. While Diagnostic Medical Sonography (also known as DMS) has already been an available option for students, it has previously only been offered as a part-time program. This new full-time program is our response to the accumulating student requests for a traditional DMS program and college experience. It provides students with the ability to major in Diagnostic Medical Sonography while partaking in the full-time campus experience. Patient Navigator also allows for the same traditional campus experience while preparing students to serve as advocates for patients, caregivers, and family members to improve patient outcomes in the nation’s health care industry. They will provide the “navigaton” of a patient’s treatment plan and overcome obstacles to effective care. The Patient Navigator program is also available as an online certificate for working professionals in the health care field.

It is this type of innovation which coorelates with Misericordia’s mission of providing a rigorous, comprehensive education to all. We are remaining true to ourselves as the new programs epitomize our values as an institution. Misericordia graduates will be proudly installed within a variety of professional positions, carrying on our traditions and culture. Always adapting to the trends and needs within the job market and professional communities, Misericordia will continue to prepare generations of students for rewarding, successful careers for many years to come.

Learn more about the three new programs along with the multitude of other program options by going to the Misericordia University website at  The best way to experience Misericordia is by scheduling a personal visit to our beautiful campus.  You will learn how our past is still present as we continue to evolve for the modern world.

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