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No Longer the New Guy On Campus

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Feb 28, 2017

As I start the second semester of my first year as a student at Misericordia University, I reflect on what I have accomplished and what I have learned from my first semester. I am happy to report that I am finally figuring out where everything is - I know which building is which, where most classrooms and professor’s offices are located, and due to one unfortunate circumstance, where to go when you are sick. As a veteran of my first college semester, I now understand the drastic struggle of studying for finals and finding the time to balance schoolwork with sports. It was all so much more stressfull that I anticipated. But, after having an entire month off from school, I feel rejuvenated and ready to get back at it this semester.


What I am looking forward to this semester is my newly acquired free time. Last semester, I had some sort of soccer obligation every day; it was intense! Now that the soccer season is over, I have more time to get schoolwork finished, study for exams and quizzes, and even relax. I am even looking forward to the snow!

Once the weather gets warm though, it means spring soccer is here. While I am already enjoying and benefiting from my free time, I do miss being outside and playing soccer. The spring soccer season will be different than what I had experienced in high school. Usually, throughout the spring, I am playing in soccer tournaments almost every other weekend; but not this year. This time around, I am not even sure what to expect. Most likely, I will just have a couple practices throughout the week and one game day. I still look forward to the start of the spring season, training with all the guys, and seeing the new face of our team.

At the beginning of the semester we added a player to our soccer program. He transferred in from another school and is also a freshman like myself. You could easily tell that he is a bit shy, and I don’t blame him. We were all shy as freshman coming into a new school we knew little about. The benefit we had coming in for the first semester was that we knew each other prior to orientation because athletes arrive on campus earlier than the other students. He, unfortunately, was coming in not knowing a single person. But since we are a family, we made him feel right at home. We would go play soccer in the gym from time to time. The first time we played, he seemed uncomfortable; but the more we played, the more he started feeling like himself. He is a talented player, and we are all excited and happy to have him join us for the spring season.

Being my second semester here, it was easy to help show the new guy where to go. I feel like an upperclassman when I show people around - from the new guy on the team, to the soccer recruits who visit campus. If I were to offer my opinion to anyone looking for a college, it would be this: It will be hard to find another school that can compete with Misericordia. I’m not only talking about athletics; our academic programs and professors are some of the best you will find. Since we are small, you will always feel like a part of a family. That is the most important part - we are a family here. We try our best to make you feel welcome into our family from the second you step on campus. You will not find a better atmosphere than here, at Misericordia University.

  • Drew Jarvie '20, History. Drew is a first-year student and is also a member of Misericordia University's men's soccer team. He enjoys playing sports and volunteering as a referee for his hometown soccer leagues in Lancaster, PA.

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