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Life is a Journey, Not a Destination

Posted by Guest Alumni Blogger on Jan 18, 2018

If you told me my first-year in college that I was going to graduate school, I would have laughed at you and say, “Oh sure!” Fast forward three-and-a-half years later, I’m laughing at myself.

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The Best Job on Campus is at Base Camp

Posted by Guest Staff Blogger on Jan 16, 2018

Often when I first meet parents either on campus or in the community, their first question is, “What do you do for MU?” The reply for me is easy, “I have the best job on campus!” Describing that job is a bit more complicated, because between the wide array of services offered in the Student Success Center (SSC), and the diversity of our work, it is hard to recap in just a sentence or two.

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Eleven College Concerns Addressed by Misericordia Admissions Counselors

Posted by Guest Staff Blogger on Dec 7, 2017

Going to college may seem like an overwhelming and even intimidating experience. There are so many unknowns that can potentially make for an uneasy transition. With the exception of maybe a few brief visits to campus and the student orientation, it is a completely new environment and culture to learn as you are basically starting over. While this is a great opportunity to become anything that you want, there are also the fears and insecurities of what can go wrong. You know that mom and dad aren't going to be there to ask the questions on your behalf and help you navigate the difficult decisions. For possibly the first time, your future is in your hands. This is why we want to set your mind at ease and share our experience with you by addressing eleven of the most common concerns of incoming first-year college students.

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Hard Work Pays Off for Misericordia Field Hockey Team, 2017 MAC Freedom Champions

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Dec 5, 2017

If you’ve ever played a sport, you know the main goal is to win. You want your team to make it to the big playoff game and win the trophy that you know you deserve. Nothing feels better than when your hard work pays off. I’m on the Misericordia field hockey team and our motto is “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. We’ve been practicing since August for our shot at the championship and all of our hard work paid off this fall when we won the MAC Freedom championship.

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The Best of Both Worlds

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Nov 7, 2017

When visiting students arrive on campus, their first instinct is to ask, “So, what is there to do around here?” They take one look around and think there is nothing going on; but they would be sadly mistaken. Misericordia is actually deceptively busy. We are always offering something fun to do on- and off-campus along with the natural attractions that we are fortunate to have surrounding us.

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A Support System that Goes Above and Beyond

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Oct 25, 2017

There is no shame in asking for help, especially when your grades are on the line. Every college has some sort of student support system to help their students that are struggling and to give them the assistance they need to be successful. Here at Misericordia, students find that there is always an outlet available for guidance and support. Whether it is peer tutoring for a challenging class, writing assistance, talking about personal problems, or preparing for a job search, Misercordia goes above and beyond to get our students the extra help they may need.

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Finding the Perfect College

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Oct 12, 2017

Choosing a college to go to can be extremely stressful, especially when you’re trying to balance your life around high school. Take it from someone who’s been there before; there is no need to stress about finding the perfect school. The best school for you is out there somewhere, you just need to know the steps on how to find it.

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Why Misericordia?

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Oct 11, 2017

One of those age-old questions that is asked at every family gathering is: “So why did you choose (insert your college’s name here)?” For some people, the answer will be multiple things. For others, it might be only one thing that set their school apart from the rest. For me, it was athletics. The answer is always going to be different for everyone.

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Keeping It Simple at Misericordia

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Sep 18, 2017

Throughout the last two years of high school, juniors and seniors are often wondering what college will be like, and even more often they are told to “get involved”. But what does that mean? Sure, they can join numerous clubs, play a sport, volunteer, and even find a job on campus- but why Getting involved seems easy enough, but what club do you join? How do you find out about the clubs? What sport do you play? If you don’t play a sport, how do you stay involved in athletics? Where do you volunteer and how do you start? How do you prepare for a job and get one after college? All of these questions are important, and at Misericordia University, the answers are pretty simple.

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No Longer at the Bottom of the Totem Pole

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Sep 8, 2017

As summer came to a close this year, I found myself welcoming the return to school instead of dreading it as I did last year. Being more familiar with my surroundings and the way life works around campus certainly helped to ease my tension as the school year approached. Making the shift from full-time daycare employee to full-time student was certainly something I looked forward to as my summer quickly passed before my eyes. Coming into this school year with experience under my belt, I didn’t feel the same pressures I did before.

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