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Recent Misericordia Graduate Designs Dallas Bicentennial Logo

Posted by Guest Faculty Blogger on Aug 1, 2016

The Dallas Bicentennial celebration starts next spring, with a logo created by one of its own.

Caitlin Meehan, a recent graduate of Misericordia University and less-recent graduate of Dallas High School, will enjoy the experience of seeing her artwork used throughout the festivities, in materials including the township letterhead, as part of the Dallas Bicentennial celebration, which kicks off in April of 2017.


The Dallas Bicentennial logo, designed by 2016 Misericordia graduate, Caitlin Meehan.

“The logo depicts the past, present, and future of Dallas Township by incorporating education, family, and manufacturing in the form of a family tree,” Caitlin said. “The blue coloring is a reminder of the education systems that reside in Dallas Township: Dallas School District and Misericordia University.”

Caitlin created this logo initially as a project through the Misericordia University student club, Service by Design. This club is sponsored by the Department of Communications (soon to be known as the Department of Mass Communications and Design). 

The project began as a request for help from the Dallas Township back in February, as the Dallas Township Board of Supervisors scouted the community to find designers that could create a logo. Ultimately they came up with the contest, which was open to information technology and graphic design students at Dallas High School and Misericordia University. 

Caitlin brainstormed with other members of Service by Design on logo concepts, and received critiques on her designs. While other students were helpful with feedback, the bulk of time and effort was spent by Caitlin herself, tweaking the logo to make it perfect by her own standards, and also in response to change requests from the Board of Supervisors.

“We appreciated how hard she worked on the project,” stated Liz Martin in an email. Liz is a member of the Board of Supervisors and managed the logo contest.

The winning logo was announced at a Dallas Township Board meeting this past July 21, with Caitlin and one other contestant in attendance, a recent Dallas High School graduate, Dana Litch. Other attendees from Misericordia included Professor Rachel Urbanowicz, the advisor for Service by Design, and Jim Roberts, who is Special Assistant to the President of Misericordia and is also on the planning committee for the Dallas Days Bicentennial.


Left to right: Liz Martin, Dana Litch, Caitlin Meehan, Bill Grant. Liz and Bill are on the Dallas Township Board of Supervisors. Dana Litch is the second-prize winner. Caitlin Meehan is the first-prize winner in the Dallas Bicentennial Logo Design Contest.

Prior to beginning the meeting in earnest, an agenda was distributed. Caitlin started laughing when she received it, as her name was at the top of it, in red. “WINNER is Caitlin Meehan, Misericordia University,” it said. “I won!” she said, looking incredulous.

Shortly thereafter, the official announcement was made, and Caitlin received her prize of a $50 gift certificate to Leggio’s restaurant in Dallas.

A newly-minted second prize went to Dana Litch, whose artwork will be used on some of the promotional materials for the bicentennial celebrations. Additionally, Dana will receive a pair of tickets to the Luzerne County Fair.

The Dallas Days Bicentennial Celebration will feature events and celebrations from April through December of 2017.

urbanowicz_web.pngAbout the author: Rachel Urbanowicz, MA, is an assistant professor of Communications at Misericordia University.

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