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Showing Mercy at the Heart of Misericordia

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on May 11, 2018

What sets Misericordia University apart?

Sisters of MercyIn my opinion, it is the people, the kindness, and the hospitality exhibited to all that makes us so special. We are a community that cares about others, integrating service into our academic and personal lives. I also believe that at the core of our culture, is Mercy, one of our charisms that has been guiding Misericordia since its founding by the Sisters of Mercy in 1924.

In my short time here at Misericordia University, I have expanded my understanding of what it means to be merciful. I didn’t learn it in lecture, or in the lab. I learned Mercy from those around me. From faculty and staff, to peers and professors, Mercy surrounds Misericordia. In fact, in Latin, Misericordia means “heart of mercy.”

Here are some examples of how and when I have seen Mercy on campus:

  • Mercy does not throw your clean laundry on the floor when you forget your laundry in the drier. Mercy folds it and puts it in your laundry basket.
  • Mercy offers to carry a package to your dorm when your hands are full, even though she is starving and has class in 15 minutes.
  • Mercy gives you the last seat on the shuttle to Passan Hall, so you’re not late to class, acting as though it is not a big deal, even though he will now be late.
  • Mercy remembers your order at the deli so you are never late to your Wednesday night class and Mercy always holds the door for you.
  • Mercy is the professor that emails you when you don’t seem yourself.
  • Mercy comes to your room at 3am and delivers you Dunkin Donuts because you’re hard at work studying.
  • Mercy is the upperclassman who paved the way for you and the friend that always has your back.
  • Mercy is small acts of compassion, at work, at home or in the classroom.
  • Mercy creates an atmosphere in which a person feels safe.
  • Mercy is appreciating those that are different and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.

We all have the power to be merciful because we all have the means to affect another's life, even if only for a moment. We can act mercifully when we use our power and God-given gifts to offer kindness to one another.

Most importantly, mercy is contagious. The Misericordia tradition is felt and carried out by all who step on campus. As a community, we are proud of our tradition and spread the joy that is mercy to all.

Danielle CliffordDani Clifford is a sophomore Sport Management and Statistics major at Misericordia University. She is the VP of the class of 2020 and is also in the Honors Program. Dani is passionate about sports and plays softball for the Cougars.

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