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Sibling Rivalry or Sisterly Support

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Feb 22, 2018

Getting accepted into college is one of the most thrilling experiences life has to offer. After weeks of anxiety and wondering if you’ll even get in, receiving your letter of acceptance is one of the most relieving feelings a person can have. I can still remember the excitement of receiving all of my acceptance letters, and even the unabashed joy of being accepted to my top choice school. My time has come and gone, and now it’s my sister's turn to go off to school. Despite her determination to get as far away from home as possible, she has decided to come to school here at Misericordia to get her degree.


Unlike myself, who was so worried about being accepted to school that I applied to three different schools in July, my sister waited to send her applications in on a more normal schedule. She applied to two schools in September and the waiting game began. Responses didn’t start coming in until December. After receiving one decline, my sister was overjoyed when she got her acceptance letter from Misericordia. I remember she was Christmas tree shopping with our father at the time. My mother had the letter and she was scared to open it without my sister. My sister gave her approval and was so excited, she hung up on my mother to call me right away.

DORMS_Spring16_003 copy.jpgSince I go here, my sister was hesitant about attending the same school as her older sister. She was worried that we would run into each other on the way to classes and I would embarrass her for some reason. My mother made me promise that I wouldn’t interact with her at all if I ever see her on campus next year. My sister also decided to dorm so there is an extra buffer between us since I commute.

I still plan on teasing her a bit; it’s my right as an older sister.


Personally, I’m so excited that my sister chose the school that I fell in love with. I know she’ll love it just as much as I do, not to mention keeping her local means I can keep her out of trouble. Having an older sibling on campus gives her an advantage over the rest of the incoming freshmen. She already knows her way around the school and she’ll already have a support system on campus. Plus, with me as her vehicle-owning commuting sister, she'll have a free taxi that she can use at her leisure instead of having to wait for school transportation.


A bonus perk is the sibling discount that I will receive once she starts going here.

College can be a scary place when you’re going in alone for the first time in your life. Lucky for my sister, she doesn’t have to go through this all by herself. She will get the best of both worlds by finding her independence when she lives in the dorms on her own but always having me to lean on if she gets lost or confused.

  • Rachel Miroslaw '21, Speech-Language Pathology. Rachel is from Tunkhannock, PA, plays field hockey, and enjoys reading and writing

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