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Why Misericordia?

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Oct 11, 2017

One of those age-old questions that is asked at every family gathering is: “So why did you choose (insert your college’s name here)?” For some people, the answer will be multiple things. For others, it might be only one thing that set their school apart from the rest. For me, it was athletics. The answer is always going to be different for everyone.


I was recruited to play soccer at Misericordia University. As I reflect on it more, I was able to clearly tell at the time that this was the perfect place for me. I went from a small high school to a small college. As a sophomore, I have only had one class that was over 30 students. Compare that to institutions like Penn State or West Virginia where they have big lecture halls with hundreds of students. With a smaller number of students per class, Misericordia allows for more student-faculty interactions. On top of that, professors make an effort to learn your name instead of just treating you like a number.

Misericordia is the perfect college for students who like to be away from the city but also want to be near a city. While Misericordia has the feel of being secluded, the reality is that the town of Dallas is just right down the road from campus, and Wilkes-Barre is only a 20-minute drive away. The other positive thing about campus is that it’s reasonably small and easy to navigate. This makes it easier to find which building you need to be in for your classes; plus, if you don’t leave your room until 7:55 for your 8am class, there is a good chance you will still make it on time.


I think the greatest thing that separates Misericordia from other schools is that we treat each other like family here. We respect each member of our community, and we are respected by the community around us. Everyone cares and supports each other, whether it is in the classroom or on the playing field. So give us a closer look; otherwise, you won’t know what you’re missing out on.

  • Drew Jarvie '20, History/Secondary Ed. Drew is a sophomore and is also a member of Misericordia University's men's soccer team. He enjoys playing sports and volunteering as a referee for his hometown soccer leagues in Lancaster, PA.

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